c++/drivers/base/src/SickException.hh File Reference

Contains some simple exception classes. More...

#include "SickConfig.hh"
#include <string>
#include <exception>

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namespace  SickToolbox


class  SickToolbox::SickException
 Provides a base exception class from which to derive other Sick exceptions. More...
class  SickToolbox::SickTimeoutException
 Makes handling timeouts much easier. More...
class  SickToolbox::SickIOException
 Thrown instance where the driver can't read,write,drain,flush,... the buffers. More...
class  SickToolbox::SickBadChecksumException
 Thrown when a received message has an invalid checksum. More...
class  SickToolbox::SickThreadException
 Thrown when error occurs during thread initialization, and uninitialization. More...
class  SickToolbox::SickConfigException
 Thrown when the driver detects (or the Sick reports) an invalid config. More...
class  SickToolbox::SickErrorException
 Thrown when Sick returns an error code or an unexpected response. More...

Detailed Description

Contains some simple exception classes.

Code by Jason C. Derenick and Thomas H. Miller. Contact derenick(at)lehigh(dot)edu

The Sick LIDAR Matlab/C++ Toolbox Copyright (c) 2008, Jason C. Derenick and Thomas H. Miller All rights reserved.

This software is released under a BSD Open-Source License. See http://sicktoolbox.sourceforge.net

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